Alphabet Embellishment Organization

If you scrapbook, you have most likely acquired at least a small collection of alphabet embellishments. Keeping all of your alphabets organized can be a challenge. Sometimes I even forget about things that I have because they get buried in the back of a drawer. But I have decided to get serious about having my alphabets organized. I would like to share a few ideas with you that will hopefully help get all of your alphabets organized.

You have a couple of options when it comes to approaching this organization project. You need to decide if you want to sort by letter (all the A’s together, all the Z’s together) or if you want to sort by style (keeping each package from each brand together.) I suggest sorting by letters because it will give you a clear and easy way to designate a place for each letter. Otherwise, every time you pick up a new alphabet at the store, you will have to figure out a new way to file it in your system. Besides, it is fun to mix and match different letter style and if you want matching letters, it isn’t hard to just look through the letters to find a match.

Here are a few ideas for organizing alphabets:

1. Use one Ziploc baggie for each letter of the alphabet. Write the designated letter on the bag (such as “A” and put all of your A’s in that bag) and then attach all of the baggies by punching a hole in the corner and securing them together with a jump ring. This is a very economical storage system. This could even become part of your scrapbook area décor by adding a hook to the wall and hanging your alphabets for easy access.

2. Use tilt bins. These can be found at your local hardware store and you could buy enough tilt bins to have one compartment for each letter of the alphabet. They are easy to label and can be mounted on the wall so that they don’t take up any of your scrapping space.

3. Use an embellishment organizer case. This one from Cropper Hopper has 30 compartments.

I like that this is portable and you could take it with you to a crop.

I hope these ideas will get you thinking about different ways to organize your alphabet embellishments. What other ideas do you have? What has worked for you? I’d love to hear your ideas.