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Browsing around a scrapbook store should serve as inspiration, but often, when I stroll around my favorite shop, I tend to get overwhelmed. Scrapping products have come a long way from the basic acid-free albums and a few stickers and stamps. These days you can get high-tech gadgets that can slice, dice and digitize every inch of a scrapbook.

I know this because I stare at one of these elaborate memory books each time I step foot in my local scrapbook shop. Last year the shop’s owner created a massive and absolutely awe-inspiring alphabet scrapbook filled with photos and memorabilia from her youngest child’s 10 years of life. She dubbed it the “ABCs of Me,” and it is an incredible testament to her talent as a scrapper, and of course, her little boy’s lively personality. His daily adventures are chronicled in alphabetical order for the world to see.

Personally, I think the alphabet memory book idea is brilliant, especially for busy parents. For starters, the layout is pretty much set. All you have to do is fill the pages with memories that fit with the designated letter. So, instead of fretting about how to document a single event, you can create a page design that incorporates activities and events that start with the same letter. Doing so allows you to paint a broader picture of your child or yourself, depending on the subject of the scrapbook.

For example, for the letter “P” page you could highlight all of your child’s favorite “P” foods, such as pickles, pizza and pie. Another option is to scrap all his favorite books, movies or songs that begin with the same letter. The owner of my local scrapbook shop devoted two entire pages to her son’s favorite places to visit, all of which begin with the letter “G,” such as Great America, Grandma’s house, Georgia, Gameworks, and Galactic Pizza.

With alphabet scrapbooks the ideas are practically limitless. What’s more, the ABC format can be adapted to fit a variety of occasions, so turning it into a gift idea is a breeze.

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