Altered Art: Embellishing Your Altered Art

Embellishing is essentially the last step in the process. It is like decorating your home. You have to get the walls painted, the floor or carpet changed and then you can add the accessories. The same goes for a scrapbook layout or a piece of altered art.

Choosing your embellishments might be the hardest part, if you aren’t already prepared with a design ahead of time. A good piece of advice, is to take it with you to the scrapbook or craft store the next time you go, and look for coordinating items that will work.

As I noted yesterday, I began by affixing a pink ribbon to the box. I have added charms to the ends of both of the ribbons. To me it almost looks like a bookmark hanging off the item.

The next thing I did, was run into a problem. I really wanted to use this chipboard sticker I have that says “love”. The problem is, it had a chipboard dark blue flower on it and totally did not coordinate at all with my colors. So what did I do? I plucked the flower off and replaced it with a tiny Prima paper flower and brad. I actually love the way it looks now, and so as not to waste anything, I kept the blue chipboard flower for another project later on.

You can put as many embellishments on your project as you want. It is entirely up to you what you use and where you place it. I tried to use up my extra stash of items so that I wasn’t wasting anything or opening anything new. I wanted it to have a simple look and be easy to pick up and look at without a lot of bulk, weight or worry. Whatever you choose to embellish with, be sure it is securely fastened or adhered to your project.

Here is the finished result and the whole project took me less than an hour and a half. You can do this too. It is both easy and loads of fun!

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