Altered Art: The Covered Piece

Altered art is extremely popular in the scrapbooking community these days. Scrapbookers seem to get their hands on all sorts of fun and interesting items to change and alter and make their own. Some scrapbookers are even altering their scrapbooking tools and supply totes. I love the idea!

Yesterday I gave you step by step directions to get started with altering your CD container. Today I plan to show you how the finished product works. Remember – there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do altered art. Some might just cover it with paper and be done with it,
some might choose to embellish it. You use what you have, or what you like. The following are just some examples of what I have done.

First, here is a picture of my CD container as it appears covered with paper. I did get started on embellishing by gluing a piece of ribbon down the spine. I plan to do more with that, but more on that later.

The next step in the project is to consider what you planned to use the box for. Is it to hold a greeting card? A CD? A Mini Album or something entirely different? Jewelery fits great inside the box, such as a handmade bracelet or something similar.

When you are choosing your embellishments, you want to either follow a theme or be sure they coordinate with your final product.

I plan to use mine to store a tiny mini-album I made up of my five kids.

However, you might choose to use it to hold a CD with love songs that you give someone special for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you plan to make it into a card or something else. It is a personal choice, but do a search on the Internet to get more ideas for what you could do with it.

See the next article – Embellishing Your Altered Art.

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