Altered Art: The Paint Can

The latest rage is scrapbooking seems to be altered art. Altered art defined is when you take something that isn’t necessarily a scrapbooking supply or item and turn it into a work of art. Many different items can be altered and turned into gifts for others. I have seen some exotic items altered including boxes, books, clip boards and more.

Paint Cans seem to be one of the favorites amongst altered items right now. People have been altering paint cans for a couple of years and they are very impressive. Most altered paint cans become gifts for others. They are the perfect container to hold a gift or to fill just as you would a gift basket.

Altering a paint can is actually pretty easy. Here are some quick steps to complete a project.

scrapbooking altered art paint canBasic Directions for an Altered Paint Can

You will need:

  • Paint can
  • Sewing tape measure (any flexible tape measure)
  • Patterned papers
  • Mod Podge glue (or any wet sturdy glue)
  • Foam Brush

The first step is to purchase a clean paint can from a home improvement store. They are available in both gallon size and quart size.

After choosing your size, you will need to measure around the diameter of the can with your sewing tape measure.

Cut your patterned papers to the measured size. Several different background papers that coordinate can be cut to add dimension and a different look. When you are cutting the paper, keep in mind that the handle is there and you will need to cut around it.

Using Mod Podge glue, and a foam brush, apply glue to the entire backside of the piece of patterned paper(s). Use the brush to be sure that all corners have enough glue. Use your fingertips to smooth out all bubbles and ensure that the piece of paper is properly adhered to the can.

When you have completed that, you will then need to apply another layer of mod podge to the entire outside of the can to seal the paper onto the can.

Now, you could stop here, but why? Embellish that paint handle by tying ribbons or scraps of fabric that coordinate around it. Using ribbons, charms, buttons and glitter, embellish the outside of the can and the lid.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it! Altered art is therapeutic and a fun way to use up your scrapbooking and craft supplies.

Special thanks to Deanna Baltimore for the photo of her adorable paint can. Deanna resides in Tennessee with her husband and two children. She loves scrapbooking and strives to make scrapbooking her lifestyle, not just her hobby. Thanks Deanna!