Altered CD Cases or Containers

Everywhere you seem to turn, you see a scrapbooker using her supplies to alter an everyday average item, or even a piece of trash. Why do we do that? Because it is fun to create gifts, and other useful items out of normal items, and make them beautiful with all of our great scrapbooking supplies.

I have been working on several altered projects. I have done all kinds of different items, but the one I am closest to finished on, happens to be an altered CD box. The difference between a CD case and box, is that the case is plastic and it is the thing the actual compact disk goes into. The item that I altered was a box that came with an AOL CD.

Just like this one:

It opens and closes magnetically on the right side, and would be perfect to hold a CD full of pictures or videos, or even a mini-scrapbook, which is what I plan to put inside mine. I have also seen others place just a photograph inside and then stand it on a table almost as if it was a picture frame. Whatever you use it for, it is so much fun to decorate!

So, where do you find these little gems? CD boxes can be found for free at office supply stores, computer stores and well, look right in your mailbox. I only get about a dozen a year or so.

Remember that it does not have to be an actual CD box, it can be the CD case instead. Using the exact same techniques, you can alter the look of that too, and include a CD you’ve put together for someone special.

Please watch for tomorrow’s article on How to Alter CD Cases or Containers. It will take a step by step look, with pictures, on how to make your very own.

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