Altered Pencil Box

It is always fun to use our scrapbooking supplies for things other than creating layouts. I recently created several gifts for my children’s friends using my scrapbook supplies. I created customized pencil boxes for each of the children. I tried to match paper and embellishments to each of their personalities. I would like to share the details of the creations here.

Collect Supplies. I picked up the pencil boxes at the dollar store. I made sure that all of the edges were flat because that makes it easier to cover with paper. The next step was to go through my scrapbook supplies and choose product that I though matched the personality of the child the box was for.

The basic supplies that I used of each box were:

Pencil box
Patterned paper (about 4 different sheets with coordinating patterns)
Mod Podge

Start Creating. I cut one piece of paper and then used the Mod Podge to attach the paper. I recommend putting glue both on the box and the back of the paper since this will give it a really nice, strong hold. Continue this process until the entire box is covered. Use large pieces of paper at first and then cover the edges with smaller pieces of paper.

Next, I punched holes (one centered in the lid and two on the front of the box) so that ribbon could be tied to help hold the box closed. I used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes.

The last part is to add the child’s name and a couple of embellishments to the lid of the box. This was a fun way to get to use some alphabets that I hadn’t been able to use for a while. All of the embellishments were attached with glue dots.

This is a fun project that you could have your children help you do. They will need a little patience because each box took me about 45 minutes to complete. But they would probably enjoy applying the glue and smoothing the paper onto the box.

Here are a few examples of the boxes.

We then put a present inside of each box. All of the girls received bracelets that we had made and the boys received art supplies.

It’s fun to be able to personalize gifts.

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