Alternate Heating Sources

Although alternate heating sources may be the last thing on your mind, it is a good time to be preparing for possible power outages in the winter. You can often find alternate heating sources on sale during the summer in the stores or in classified ads in your local paper. Here is a list of possible sources to consider:

1) The most common alternate heating source is your fireplace. This is a great source of heat for your family. You will need to store fuel to burn in your fireplace. You can purchase wood on sale during the summer in many different areas of the country. There are certain areas where you can gather your own wood as well. If you plan on using your fireplace you should make sure that your chimney is cleaned on a regular basis.

2) You may consider installing a wood-burning stove in your house as well. A wood burning stove can also help to lower your heating bill during the winter. While it is not as effective as a furnace, using it during the winter can but back on how much heat your furnace needs to generate.

3) A third heating source is a kerosene heater. I recommend this with strong cautions. These have gotten safer over the years, but can still be quite dangerous if not used properly. You need to make sure that you use them in a safe place away from the reach of children. You can learn more safety tips for a kerosene heater here.

4) You will also want to gather warm clothes and blankets for your family as an additional way to stay warm. You should conserve the energy in your house by staying in one room. Dressing in many layers and staying under the covers or in bed can often help fight off the cold.

As you prepare now, you will be able to save money. You can also make sure that your heating sources are safe and ready to use. Purchasing fuel in advance will save you money. You can look for sales and plan how much you will need to get through an ice storm or a blizzard.