American Baby Faire

Touted as the largest baby expo in the United States this is the event to be at if you are a new parent. Every one who is anyone in the baby merchandising world is there just waiting to give out their wares, offer you something to win, or give a free course on the beauties and wonders of their product. (Amazingly, you will not leave the place unconvinced in your need for. . .whatever it is they’re selling this year.)

Despite its overly eager sales people who are clearly working on commission, it is an interesting event to go to if you’re a new parent. First of all there’s the freebies. There are tons of give aways at these events. Everything from free formula to free diapers and wipes. Secondly they do have interesting information. The year we went, someone was there to teach parents how to strap in their baby properly in the car seat. While it was obvious that they were encouraging the purchase of one brand of car seat. . .the information was still useful even if you didn’t buy that brand. (Although the sales lady did glare at us when we picked out the cheaper seat.)

In addition to many exhibitors selling their wares, there is also live entertainment as well as things for the kiddies to do. The year we were went there was a baby derby for crawling babies. This year, there will be a bouncy house as well as other play areas for your tots to enjoy. After all, these people are in the baby business and they understand that if they want you to buy, you have to be able to look.

No need to leave baby behind. . .the fair is completely baby friendly complete with diaper depots, nursing lounges and feeding stations where you can warm a bottle if you need to. It is an opportunity to get great deals, sign up for freebies as well as see what’s new on the baby products market. If you need more information you can check out the website, or you can visit your local Babies R Us.

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