An Affordable Alternative to Pet Insurance

dog and cat Pet owners know that there is potential that their dog or cat could become seriously sick or injured. There are pet owners who will purchase pet insurance before buying health insurance for themselves, but not all will go to this extreme. Fortunately, Pet Assure has an affordable alternative to pet insurance.

Pet insurance is, in some ways, similar to a health insurance plan for humans. This isn’t a perfect analogy, but it gives you a basic idea of what pet insurance is designed to cover.

Each specific policy will vary a bit on exactly what is covered, and how much is covered. There are usually tiers. The least expensive tier covers emergency vet bills, hospitalization, and treatment after an accident. The second tier will cover accidents and unexpected illnesses. This part could cover office visits, and x-rays. Things get more expensive if you want routine coverage for illness, or full coverage.

Sometimes, the best pet insurance coverage is too expensive for a pet owner to be able to afford. This is where Pet Assure can help. Pet Assure is not a pet insurance policy. Instead, it is a veterinary discount plan. Choose from three different options: the Single Dog plan, the Single Cat Plan, or the Family Plan (that includes up to 4 pets of any kind). You can pay for the plan monthly or yearly. There is one, specific, rate for each plan (no matter what breeds your pets happen to be).

One problem with pet insurance is the exclusions. Some pet insurance policies will exclude coverage for certain breeds, or for pets that are older. There may also be exclusions for certain type of health conditions that are breed specific or that are hereditary. Pet Assure doesn’t exclude any pet, no matter what breed, age, or health condition.

A pet owner can use the Pet Assure card when his or her pet needs to see a veterinarian. The veterinarian will give you a discount on the treatment that your pet receives. You can use the Pet Assure card in addition to your pet insurance. Or, you can just use the Pet Assure card like a discount card.

The Better Business Bureau has given Pet Assure an A rating (on a scale of A+ to F). If you want to give Pet Assure a try, you can choose any of their plans for 45 days, risk free. This might be something helpful for a pet owner who can’t afford to buy a comprehensive pet insurance policy, or a pet owner whose dog or cat has been excluded.

Image by bk2000 on Flickr