An Easy Way to Share the Gospel

If you have questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or have friends that may be asking you questions about the finer points of church doctrine, I suggest that you visit This is a site that is run by the church. It has been specifically designed with investigators in mind.

The site is set up to answer many specific questions that people may have regarding different aspects of the LDS faith. The questions are divided into categories. The first category is “The Church.” This section talks about the basic beliefs of the church as well as how the church can benefit the lives of others. The next section is “Families.” It lists resources for and articles on families. The next section is “Nature of God.” It talks about the different members of the Godhead, and talks about how you can learn more about God. The next section “Purpose of Life.” This section talks about why we came to earth, and the purpose that each of us needs to fulfill. The last section is “Frequently Asked Questions,” which answers questions on a wide variety of topics.

This site gives investigators a chance to learn about the church in a low-pressure environment. It addresses many common questions of investigators. It also has contact information available, so that those who want to learn more will be able to contact members that live close to them.

This is a great site to share with friends that you want to share the gospel with. It is an easy way to help others to learn about the church. You can also view the current television ads that are being broadcast by the church. You should make yourself familiar with the material on the site, so that when you refer someone to it, you will be able to answer any questions that he may have.