An Engaging Website

Earlier this month I wrote about how member Jade Walker had a very engaging Halloween. In addition to sharing a snippet of the romantic way her beau proposed to her, she also included this line: “To learn more, go to”

Of course I went to check it out. I thought what I found was so cool, I immediately knew it would make a great topic for the Marriage Blog. But I wanted to get Jade’s permission to write about it first. I wasn’t sure she’d want her marriage business made public.

But she didn’t mind. As she put it: “The site isn’t private either so feel free to discuss/critique/blog it.” So that’s what I’m going to do!

Jade and Marcus: Getting Hitched

Here’s what immediately appealed to me about her site: the novelty of it. Maybe I’m behind the wedding times (as I admitted in another blog, it’s been years since I attended a wedding) and everyone’s doing this, but something tells me I would have stumbled across such a site sooner. (I may not have been to a wedding in a while, but I’ve known people who’ve gotten married.)

Another thing that I admired was the website allows friends and family to share in the jubilation. Because not only do Jade and her man have friends and family scattered hither and yon, they’re also saving up for an extended honeymoon where they plan to travel all around Europe for a month (am I pea green with envy!). That means they’re not planning on having an elaborate wedding ceremony. (In fact, it’s going to be quite simple. Just them, a couple of witnesses, and whoever marries them.)

Online Gift Registry

Something that really WOWed me was the Online Gift Registry page. She’s got links to stores they’re registered with (Amazon Wedding, Williams-Sonoma, and Target), but she’s also got a “Honeymoon Fund.”

Gifters can choose to purchase all sorts of things the couple will need for their honeymoon trip: airfare, breakfast at local bistros, romantic sunset dinners, and accommodations. Just like on other registries, she’s even got it set up with “Requested X Amount. Received X. Needs X.” Very clever! (Not to mention uber convenient for people looking to buy them gifts.)

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

But there’s also a lot of heart behind the website, and I think that’s what appealed to me the very most. Their love story and how they came to be together is a romantic one. (There’s a page dedicated to telling the tale.) It’s neat to see their love being celebrated in such a unique fashion. It’s truly them!

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