An Interview with Think Inside The Box Owners (1)

Think inside the box, sticker stadiumRecently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin and Julie from Think Inside the Box, the creators of the wonderful, amazing stadium organizer. I absolutely love mine, and was both eager and curious to learn how they came up with the idea and how they got involved in their business opportunity.

Here is the interview I conducted with both of them:

How did you get started in the scrapbooking industry?

Erin: We were frustrated with the lack of organization and storage products for our vast sticker collections and our tools. We wanted to create a multi-functional box that would be perfect for desktop use, keeping every scrapbooking or crafting item organized, stored and within reach.

Julie: For some unknown reason, sticker and embellishment manufacturers like to create products which are sold in about 8 million different sized packages! Before the Stadium Organizer, I kept my stickers in lots of different sized boxes, because no one box could handle the variety. Now they are beautifully stored and organized in one place – the Stadium Organizer – the dividers solve the problem of categorizing, so I can grab whatever I want whenever I want it. Cleanup is a snap.

What has been your favorite thing about starting a scrapbooking business?

Erin: Meeting new people. We have met so many great people through shows, our website customers, ads, etc., and we love to hear from everyone…so please e-mail us with your comments!

Julie: I love talking to scrapbookers and crafters who have experienced the same organizational frustrations we had, who now can’t believe how organized they are. I’d call myself a compulsive organizer, and the Stadium Organizer has given me a terrific outlet for satisfying my organization cravings.

Has owning your own business been what you expected?

Erin: No, much harder.

Julie: I envisioned spending my time designing new organizational systems that would help the crafting world. I did not expect to be involved in details of manufacturing, trademark law, international shipping, web design, random increases in the costs of doing business, and worrying about finances. I thought that learning was mostly for my kids and that I was pretty much done learning…boy, was I wrong!

Since you have started your business, have you found it difficult to find time to scrapbook?

Erin: Yes, especially since we both have two kids.

Julie: I blocked out 2 weeks this summer to catch up on my personal scrapbooking…and I’m happy to say that I did it…what a relief!

sticker stadium think inside the boxWhat inspired the cool Sticker Stadium?

Erin: We both had thousands of stickers…and no great place to store them.

Julie: No more binders!

Please watch the scrapbooking blog for part two and part three of this awesome interview!