An Invitation to Read Our Adoption Blog

I feel honored that I have the opportunity to contribute to by sharing with its readers and members my experience, knowledge, and information about adoption and how adoption has effected my life.

My name is Kathy Sheldon and I am the adoptive mother of my 15 month old son Connor. My husband, Jeff, and I were able to welcome Connor into our lives even before he was born, since we were lucky enough to begin a relationship with his birthmother while she was still pregnant.

My background has been predominately in Social Services. Specifically, I worked for eight year in a Domestic Violence Shelter. However, after going through our adoption journey, I decided that I wanted to become involved with the adoption community in someway. I was lucky enough to spend a year at home with Connor before returning to work. When I did, I turned to American Adoptions, the agency that we adopted our son through. They gave me a position conducting Home Studies for them. I then started to conduct seminars on adoptions as well. I now e-mail and talk to people daily who have questions about adoption and the process of adoption.

I believe that writing for is a wonderful way to reach a greater audience. My goal and mission is to help others fulfill their dreams of building a family, by sharing my personal experiences, my knowledge, and giving them a direction to help them begin or to continue on in their own adoption journey. I want to answer your questions to the best of my ability, but I have to admit I may not always have all the answers. I also love to here feedback from others and will welcome any comments you have.

I’m fortunate to be co-hosting this blog with Anna who has a very different adoption story than I. But as Anna and I have already discussed, although the stories may be different, often times the feelings, challenges, and concerns are the same. I believe that we will be able to offer the adoption community a voice for many adoptive parents with varied adoption circumstances.

I urge you to continue to read daily as I plan to be writing for for a long time.

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About Kathy Sheldon

My name is Kathy Sheldon and I live in Northern NJ with my husband, Jeff, my 15 month old son, Connor, two cats, a bird, and the newest addition our 10 week old Bernese Mountain puppy. I graduated from Buffalo State College and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pace University. Prior to my son being born I worked for 7 years in a Domestic Violence Shelter in New York City with women and their children. I counseled women and their families individually and in groups. For the last five years at the shelter I was in administration and management. I resigned from my position as Director of Client Services after Connor was born because my commute into New York City was too long from where we live. When my son Connor was 4 months old I decided to start my Direct Sales Business with the Traveling Vineyard. I chose In Home Wine Tastings because I really enjoy wine and wanted to learn more about it. It was then that I started to write my first blog, "Traveling Wine Adventures." Since my son was adopted and my husband, and I had such a wonderful experience with our adoption and American Adoptions, I inquired with them about doing Adoption Home Studies and was hired contractually in September. I also have started to do Adoption Seminars locally for prospective adoptive parents. In August of 2005 I started my second blog "Working Moms Wanted". I started it because I found myself in place like many new Moms, needing to find work but not knowing if it would be better to work out of my home or get an outside job. My husband and I are socially active people and enjoy spending a lot of our time with families in the neighborhood and our own families. In addition we enjoy many hobbies. I enjoy running, reading, writing, cooking, and of course spending time with Connor.