An Adoptive Mother’s New Years Resolutions 2006

1) To remember at all times “adoption” was an event that happened and not a label for my children. I do not introduce my biological children as my C-section babies and I will not introduce my little ones as my adopted children.

2) To take joy in the unique qualities and attributes my children have received from the biological family. And, to occasionally mention, to my children, in a positive way where those qualities and attributes must have come from.

3) To teach all of my children families are made many ways and how our family was put together has nothing to do with the fact we respect and love each other.

4) To be open and honest when answering questions and in a positive and age appropriate way. Even with the little one who does not remember or understand yet. To make his adoption normal and something he knows about all of his life.

5) To teach my adopted children to pray for their birth mother and understand she loved them even though she was not able to keep herself or them safe.

6) To help all four of my children understand negative attitudes about adoption and to recognize ignorance when they see or hear it.

7) To donate clothes, toys, books, and financially to foster families and organizations that support waiting children. And to have my children be an active part of this all year long.

8) To expect my children to have normal feelings and emotions when they see television reports or stories about waiting children. And, to get them help if I do not see normal reactions.

9) To consider everyday an opportunity to build positive and loving memories about their childhoods.

10) To enjoy being a mother this year because I have learned with my older children just how fast the time goes by and the children grow up
and fly!

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