And What About the Prom? Silly answers to the silliest questions about homeschooling.

We knew when we chose to home school that there would be questions. Even our own parents were skeptical about our ability to educate our children at home. We had a ready defense to answer why we wanted to home school. We knew what to say when people asked the dreaded socialization question. But for every few people we talk to, we get stumped with a new question; something to which we have not thought of a reply. These questions have left my husband and I, standing there with curious expressions, scratching our heads, thinking, “HUH?”
So, I’ve begun compiling a list of questions and their. . .um. . .appropriate answers.

#1–What about the prom?
I honestly hadn’t considered basing my decision regarding my children’s entire education on the possibility that they might not get to attend an event that they may or may not be interested in attending in 12 years.

#2–How will you teach them when the subjects actually get hard?
Well, besides the fact that I am now instilling in them an ability and desire to learn any subject they so choose. . .I don’t know. I do know that it’s improbable that I could use the teacher’s manual for help though. School teachers never do that.

#3–Don’t you get sick of having your kids around you all day?
Hmmmm. . .I like the oldest two and the twins but yeah, the 3-year-old I could do without! (Sometimes a snarky question deserves a snarky response!)

#4–5 kids huh? Gosh, isn’t that too many students to teach at one time?
Gee–you’re right! It would be much better in a classroom with 25 other kids than in a class with only 4 other students. That would definitely improve the teacher to student ratio.

#5–What will you do when they get to college?
Send them off with a celebration and then take a long overdue cruise with my charming husband!

#6–How can your kids play on sports teams?
With protective gear?

#7–If you’re home schooling all day, when do the kids get a chance to do their homework?
Okay. . .so there’s still a few questions that stump me!!!!

#8–How will your kids have access to good books if you keep them at home?
We couldn’t possibly take them to the library. In addition to not taking them to the library, home schoolers are notorious for not really owning very many books!

#9–How do you know what to teach them?
You mean besides how to read, write and add? My kids actually ask to learn about things.

#10–How can you do field trips if the kids don’t go to school?
It is a bit tricky since the museums, zoos, and other venues won’t take you if you’re not with an official school group. They never have visitors that just go for the day apart from school–no families or individuals–just school groups. But those groups are so large that we can just try to sneak in with the rest of the crowd.

Feel free to use any of the above answers to respond to just about any question you receive regarding homeschooling. Please be aware that a snarky response, while humurous, is likely to be lost on the ‘askee’ and may further convince them that you homeschooling your children is a bad idea. On the other hand, doesn’t every silly question deserve an equally silly answer?