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Scrapbooking - Angie Pedersen - The Book of Me

Angie Pedersen, the author of The Book of Me series of books, spends her time not only encouraging people to scrapbook, but also to take time and record their own lives.

All too often we scrapbookers forget to include ourselves in our own albums and layouts. Usually this is because we are the one behind the camera. Playing photographer is fun, however, it’s important to spend time including yourself in your layouts. It’s important to your future generations to know about you too.

I’ve long admired Angie’s work. It helps that we have a lot in common, since she’s a Missourian like myself, almost the same age and a scrapbooking mother of two. But it isn’t just our similarities, it’s her dedication to be sure she isn’t just creating layouts about her family, but still including pieces of herself in those albums.

Angie quotes, on her website, that in an informal study 80% of scrapbookers admit to not having done even one layout about themselves.

Is it because we are so busy documenting everybody else in our family, or is it because we don’t know how? I assure you this series of books will help either way!

From Angie’s website

The Book of Me offers Memory Prompts in every chapter. Instead of nervously facing a blank piece of paper (or computer screen), you’ll be met with prompts for stories galore. Just answer the questions, and your story will be told! You family and loved ones won’t have to wonder “What were the best times in her life?”, because you answered the prompt on page 11!

In addition to the wonderful memory prompts you will also find:

  • Over 75 specific suggestions for photos and memorabilia to include on your layouts
  • Innovative ideas allow you to envision the kind of person you’d like to become. Create layouts on what your ideal self would look like, think about, and how she would act.
  • Over 200 quotes, hand-picked to address key roles in your life!
  • Over 100 carefully researched Web Resources to help you create striking, meaningful layouts!
  • 92 layouts, from 24 different contributors!

When Angie had completed her Book of Me, she began working on two more wonderfully successful books that I also strongly recommend.

Growing Up ME is a guide to scrapbooking childhood stories. You can use this as a reference for your own childhood memories, or begin using it for your own children. Growing Up ME is divided into themes that are common to children’s lives such as family, school, friendship, daydreams, and spirituality.

The Book of US is a guide to scrapbooking your relationship which encourages scrapbookers to explore and save what is unique and special about their most meaningful relationships. It is designed to help with scrapbooking about friendships, family, love relationships, groups, work teams and communities.

For more information on Angie or any of her books, visit the following websites:
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Scrapbooking - Angie Pedersen - The Book of Me