Animal Blind Man’s Buff

This is a great game for children or adults, or ideally, both together. In any case, it’s next best thing to spending an afternoon at the zoo, or in the jungle. The name might not be politically correct anymore, but it can certainly be modified.

Number of players: 5-20 players
Space: A large parlor or open basement, a gym, a playground or backyard
Materials: a blindfold and a cane, or something remotely resembling a cane
Ages: Old enough to make animal sounds +

To start the game one player is blindfolded and stands in the center of a circle with the cane, or cane like object in her hand. The other players dance around her in circles until she taps three times with the cane, when everyone has to freeze. A variation here is to have the players pretend they’re an animal while they dance around. Music that stops with the tap of the cane is a nice added touch too.

The blind woman then points her cane at another player. The other player grabs the end of the cane. The blind woman then tells the other player to make a noise like an animal. When the player makes the animal sound, the blind woman tries to guess who the player is that made the animal sound. If she guesses correctly, the two trade places.

Part of the strategy for the players is to disguise their natural voices while making the animal sound, which can lead to some pretty exotic sounds. Players can also disguise their height by holding the hand higher or lower than he/she normally would.

Most players whose identities get easily recognized are more often recognized for their laughs rather than their animal sounds, and this game can generate a lot of laughter, the more the players ham it up.

This game, particularly the dancing portion, can make for some great and potentially embarrassing party pictures for use at the next gathering.

If you have a lot of players, you can use more than one blind person.