Animal Cruelty in the News

I’ve seen a lot of sad stories lately about animals being treated with extreme cruelty. I won’t go into graphic detail here, and I won’t post pictures. I’ve seen the pictures, and they are very upsetting. But I also believe that hiding from the stories isn’t going to help anyone.

In Washington State, a puppy called Mooie was burned to death with acid. At this time, the persons responsible have not been caught.

In Michigan, animal control officers took two dogs from a family that had allowed their sons to cut off the dogs’ ears. The boys had heard that putting a rubber band around the ears for a few days before chopping them off would cause the dog less pain.

In Virginia, a woman kidnapped a dog named Demona and threatened to kill the dog if the owners didn’t pay $700 for her return. The kidnapper withheld food and water from the dog for days until she was caught, and Demona was returned to her family. She is undergoing treatment for injuries and dehydration.

In Texas, a couple of high schoolers thought it would be a fun game to punt a puppy like it was a football.

There are too many stories out there of innocent animals being treated like this. If you suspect that someone in your neighborhood is mistreating their pets, you are not powerless. A few simple phone calls can make a huge difference.

  • Call the local police
  • Call your local animal control
  • Call the Humane Society

These organizations will be able to investigate the situation and see if there really is something wrong going on. If the animals are in extreme danger, they can be removed from the home and placed in a shelter or foster home for safe keeping. When the police get involved, the persons responsible for the abuse can be held accountable for their actions.

  • Call your local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations
  • Call your local shelters, pet stores, and breeder associations

The animal community and the local media will help spread the word that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

It breaks my heart to see helpless animals treated this way.