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Whether you are celebrating your 5th, 10th, 20th or 50th wedding anniversary, the milestone deserves to be documented for prosperity. Fortunately, there are hundreds of anniversary-themed scrapbook items available to help you create a heartfelt album that can be viewed for years to come. Your job is simply to provide the photos and memorabilia.

Obviously, if you have been married for 40 plus years, you will have undoubtedly accumulated more memories, and therefore, more “stuff” than a couple who is celebrating four years of wedded bliss. Still, when it comes to crafting anniversary scrapbooks, quality matters more than quantity. While it may be nice to have plenty of options in regards to photos and memorabilia, you can’t squeeze in every picture taken of you and your beloved. Nor can you expect to cram in thousands of pieces of memorabilia that you might have saved since your wedding day.

When selecting items to include in your memory album, stick with meaningful objects. For example, you might want to feature the first love letters you sent to or received from your spouse. In addition, you may want to juxtapose a photo from your wedding day with a current one. Or, if you are celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, add photos from your 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary celebrations. If you have the time you may also consider creating a timeline highlighting major milestones in your relationship, such as having kids, buying a new home, or taking a dream vacation.

Next, choose a color scheme for your anniversary album. This task is simple if you plan to stick with tradition. For example, a 50th wedding anniversary is commemorated with the color gold, so you could add sparkling gold accents to your pages. Likewise, a 25th wedding anniversary features the color silver. It’s not a bad idea to incorporate the prescribed color into your layouts. Fortunately, cardstock, patterned paper, stickers, stamps, ribbon, eyelets, and vellum are available in almost every color imaginable, so there is no excuse not to use the shades that coincide with your anniversary year.

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