Another Welcome to Home and Garden

Welcome to Home and Garden Blog. I am hosting this blog together with Sherry. We hope to bring lots of ideas, inspiration and information about family home that you may find interesting and useful.

My name is Paramita Atmodiwirjo. I am a busy wife and mother of a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. I teach architecture and do some research, with my particular research interests on environments for children and families. It is such a pleasure for me to write for Home and Garden Blog. It gives me some time to break from academic routine and interact with people who are interested in making their home better places for their family.

I believe that for all of us, home has a significant meaning in our everyday life. It is not just a place where we spend the whole night sleeping and resting, and where we spend the whole day cooking and cleaning. Home is where the heart of our family is. It should be an inspiring and happy place for everybody in the family. It should be a place to keep happy memories of lifetime. And what is more important, we all can turn our home into such places. There are lots of things that we can do to make our home beautiful and enjoyable. And I believe that doing such things can also give us a lot of fun, especially when we do it together as a family.

Sherry and I will share our stories and everything we know about family home and garden. We will update this blog regularly so make sure you come back and visit us again. Also we would like to hear any comments, questions and suggestions from you about Home and Garden. We hope that together we can make our home a wonderful place to live.