Another Year Of Scrapbooking 1

About a week ago, I posted an article inspired by my one year anniversary writing for the scrapbooking blog – A Year Of Scrapbooking. It was exciting to go back and see what interesting articles I was writing a year ago. Mostly about journaling on your layouts, but there were also some really great informative articles posted last year, that I wish I could duplicate, but instead I will just send you there to read them.

Memorabilia: What To Collect was the start of a series of articles, that I feel I could write loads more on. There is so much that can be included in a scrapbook album, and there are so many ways to include it. During the month of April I am going to further expand on what to include, and how to include it, showing you examples along the way.

One of my favorite articles, Using the End of the Roll of Film, I originally had written for a class I was teaching at that time and had been teaching for several years. With the addition of digital photography, some of the information almost seems outdated. However, I still use my 35mm film camera, several times a year, and you should too. Digital prints are still not as good as original film prints. The article Using the End of the Roll of Film is filled with ideas of pictures to include when you are trying to use up those last couple of pictures, however you can take those ideas and adapt them to a digital camera. Although you never “run out of film” with a digital camera, the article is filled with ideas of things you might wish to commemorate in your scrapbook album.

Working With Scraps 1 and Working With Scraps 2 are great articles focusing on what to do with all those paper scraps you accumulate over time. Many great ideas were included and so were many different supplies that you might end up with scraps from. Not just paper, but stickers, ribbon, fibers and more! In addition, I posted an article titled Paper Tearing: Tear Your Art Out, explaining a really fun method of using up those scraps.

More of this article to be posted tomorrow! Check it out now!