Another Year Of Scrapbooking 2

Yes, it has been one year since I joined in the scrapbooking section. A little over a week ago I posted A Year Of Scrapbooking which explained all that. Yesterday I began explaining what types of articles were being posted a year ago in Another Year Of Scrapbooking 1.

This article is a coninuation of that one.
One of my favorite topics is journaling. Probably because I am a writer, but beyond being a writer, I love going back and reading how I felt, what I was thinking and what we were doing in each group of photographs I have in my albums. Sometimes I come across a layout that I have completely forgotten about. Reading my journaling makes me remember that time as if it had just happened, even if I didn’t remember just before that. Because of my love of journaling, I wrote a lot of articles over the past year in the journaling section. In honor of my one year anniversary with, I thought I’d go back and take a look at what was being posted at that time. A few that were posted last year in March 2006 were Recipes for Great Journaling, The First Page in an Album 1, and The First Page in an Album 2.

I enjoy doing product reviews and have had the opportunity to try out a lot of great products in the past year. However, by far one of my favorite scrapbooking items was reviewed last year in March. In Product Review: Legacy Craft I told about one of my favorite websites that cells a CD specifically targeted for scrapbookers. I listen to mine regularly, and have since purchased several other products from them. At that same time, a brand new Canadian scrapbook magazine made its debut and I wrote about it in Product Review: New Canadian Scrapbook and Card Magazine.

A year ago, podcasts had just entered the world and were rising in popularity. The article Scrapbooking Podcast: What It Is And Where To Find Them , explains about the new scrapbooking podcasts and I am happy to report that many of them are still quite active and give a lot of great information.

As many of you know, a few months after I began blogging for the scrapbooking blog, I became a blogger over at the frugal living blog as well. Because of my thrifty ways and love of frugality, I was able to write about ways to save money on scrapbook embellishments in the article, Budget Friendly Scrapbook Embellishments.

I am always looking for a good deal when getting my photographs printed. I am obsessed with finding the very best digital photo print lab. In my quest, I actually came across several, and shared them in the article titled, Free Digital Photo Prints. The article explains how to get the free prints from the various popular photo sites online.

As you can see, I covered many different topics that month, and continued to do that every month for the past year. During that time, I also made guest appearances on the adoption blog, travel blog and single parenting blog. More than likely throughout the year you will see me from time to time, guest blogging over at any one of those topics, but I’d love if you continued to visit me on the scrapbooking blog as well as the frugal living blog. I plan to be here for a long time to come!

Thanks for a great year!