Anti-Cheating Ring

The wedding ring is a symbol of holy matrimony. It is when a couple makes a vow before God and others that they will be together until death departs them.

But it also puts others on notice. It says, “I am taken.”

So when someone doesn’t necessarily want others to know they are married, what do they do? They take the ring off.

Let’s face it…this is something men are mostly accused of. So what is a woman to do?

How about purchasing an “anti-cheating ring”? has come up with a $550 ring that comes with a “lifetime guarantee.”

Okay, the guarantee is in the ring but it gives you the illusion that you can prevent your spouse from cheating. It works by leaving a mark, an indent, on your finger that says, “I’m married.”

So I guess the idea is that another woman will notice it and decide to look elsewhere. Hmmm…not so fast.

First of all, if you are concerned enough about your spouse cheating or removing their wedding ring that you need something like this, there are issues already. In fact, I wouldn’t find this ring to bring me assurance…it would cause me more worries.

Second, I don’t know if people realize this but there are women who prefer married men. That’s because there are less strings attached.

The website itself says it all here: “…we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating.” So an engraving is supposed to stop someone from cheating? Let’s get real.

When someone is intent on doing something, they are going to do it whether or not they have a ring that is supposed to stop them. It is a heart issue that can’t be solved with a silver ring.

All I’m saying is that I would be really concerned if my prospective future spouse felt it was necessary to get an anti-cheating ring. What do you think?

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