April Fools Jokes to Play on Your Spouse

Are you looking for a good April Fools joke that you can pull off today? You just might find one here. Just a caution, though, some people react to jokes with humor, while others with resentment. Know your spouse and be kind. Otherwise the joke may be on you.

Tell your husband you are pregnant. This one may work better in some situations that others. If you are in your 50s and not trying to get pregnant, this might be funny. If your husband has undergone a vasectomy, it might raise some questions.

I saw this one online, although I can’t remember where at the moment. Rent the movie, The Time Travelers Wife. In the middle of the movie, get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen. Instead of coming right back, ditch all of your clothes on the floor in a puddle (the main character in the movie disappears, leaving his clothes behind) and go and hide. Don’t make it too hard for your spouse to find you, after all, you might want to take advantage of being naked.

Unplug the computer mouse when your spouse isn’t looking. Watch him or her spend the next five minutes in frustration until he or she figures it out.

If your spouse likes walnuts, take one and crack it open along its seem. Then fill it with something interesting, such as a note saying, “Help me, I’m stuck in a walnut factory,” or another type of nut such as a peanut or almond, etc. Glue the walnut shell back together and innocently leave it in a bowl of other walnuts.

Get a realistic but fake tattoo. This one would really shock my husband. If your spouse has a really good sense of humor, you could get one with someone else’s name on it.

If you have one of those sprayer faucets, you can rig it so it will automatically spray and drench your spouse the moment the water is turned on. Simply use a rubber band to keep the trigger down. Of course, this may backfire on you if your spouse refuses to ever do the dishes again.

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