Aqua Doodle Products Great for Young Children

Why I bought Aqua Doodle Products?
My 2 year old loves to draw. She draws on everything. Her artwork has decorated walls, furniture, counter tops, and herself. After twice drawing on my leather couch with a pen I bought a pencil sharpener. Now we only use pencils. With two older children markers and crayons sometimes get left out and Kelsey always finds them. When I found the Aqua Doodle products I was ecstatic, it was something she could color on and it would not wear out or have to be replaced, like the Crayola Color Wonder products.

What Aqua Doodle is?
The Aqua Doodle mat is about 81 by 53 inches. It comes with a pen, which you fill with water. Then the child can draw on the mat, after a few minutes the picture they drew disappears and they can start all over again. It costs about $20 at Walmart. I also purchased the small Disney Princess Aqua Doodle Coloring Mats. It comes with three small pictures. The Disney princesses appear when colored with the special water pen. They also have Winnie the Pooh and Elmo versions. It retails for about $14. There are extra pens and stamp sets that can also be purchased. If you have more than one child I highly recommend purchasing one. I was afraid I would be constantly filling up the pen, but surprisingly the water lasts for at least 30 minutes worth of drawing time. Aqua Doodle also has a travel version, and Hug and Doodle pets which are stuffed animals your child can draw on with the water pen.

Why I love Aqua Doodle?
On Christmas my 2 year old tried drawing on her self, and the couch with her Aqua Doodle pen, of course to my delight nothing happened. So she went back to drawing on the mat. The mat is large enough that all three of my children, ages 2, 4, and 6, can draw at the same time. The large mat and three princess coloring mats have been played with more than any other toy my girls received for Christmas. Last night my 2 year old even wanted to sleep with the Little Mermaid mat. If you have a young budding artist, I highly recommend Aqua Doodle Products.

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