ArccivoAs most of you know, I love discovering new and innovative products to use in my scrapbooks, or for scrapbooking in general. I tend to constantly be on the look out for anything and everything that can be incorporated into our hobby. However, once in awhile, a product slips by, that completely amazes me. Thus is the case with Arccivo, a new product designed specifically for scrapbookers.

A new friend brought the product to my attention, (thank you Ruby) and I was impressed from the very start. I immediately called another friend, who owns a scrapbook store and asked if she had seen or used the product. She said she has both seen it, and heard of it. She does not own one, but she said she knew someone that did, and the Arccivo has been getting sensational reviews, even from people who have not actually tried the product out.

Arccivo is still in it’s pre-ordering stages according to the website, which I found strange, since the website release date is December of 2005 and my friend knows someone who has one. It shows that Arccivo was featured in the Creating Keepsakes Top Ten issue in January of 2006, which I promptly confirmed, and then was released at the CHA 2006 Lands Television Show. Regardless of what the website says, I believe it can be purchased now.

The Arccivo is a portable work surface that literally allows you to freeze a scrapbook page in the middle of working on it, ready to pick up again whenever time allows. The website demo shows the ease of how to use this product, and it honestly looks like a winner in my book. What other product let’s you design a page at a crop, and not glue it down before leaving? How perfect!

Designed by three fellow scrapbookers, Deborah, Mary and Pam, who wanted more work space, and a place to keep everything right where you want it for the next time, the Arccivo is both new and innovative which are two traits I love in a scrapbooking product.

Arccivo receives five stars or two thumbs up from me. I am quite eager to get one, though the steep price advertised on their site, might keep me from getting one for awhile. Visit their website for more information.

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