Archiver’s – The Photo Memory Store

archivers scrapbook storeOne of my favorite past times as a die hard scrapbooker, is visiting various scrapbook stores. When we finally got an Archiver’s out here in our area, I was excited and couldn’t wait to see what all the buzz was about. I was one of their first customers!

If you have never had the opportunity to shop in an Archivers, you sure are missing out. As they like to advertise, you feel “like a kid in a candy store”.

There are aisles upon aisles of glorious scrapbook supplies. In fact, often when I go I find things I had never even seen before.

And there is no shortage of project ideas. They offer them everywhere. With several different products, they have samples. Ours has a big bulletin board and a large scrapbook filled with great page layouts and ideas.

Another great point of Archiver’s is their staff! They are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Of course, if you love scrapbooking so much, and are passionate enough to want to work in a store dedicated to the hobby, how can you not be happy, and excited enough to just exude that.

When I first stepped foot into the store, I felt totally overwhelmed. Never before had I been in a store that was this big, dedicated entirely to this hobby. Sure, I’ve been in other craft stores, and they are large too. But in one of those stores, the aisles and aisles of supplies are less intimidating because I don’t need to visit 80% of them!

But when I saw all the aisles, and racks in Archiver’s I just knew I had to visit every single section.

I loved touching the products, seeing the layouts people had made using the products, and finding new supplies I didn’t know existed.

I caution the die hard scrapbooker from going in with any money at all really. Because without fail, it’s next to impossible to leave this store empty handed!

In addition to all the great perks of shopping at Archiver’s, there are also really awesome classes available to scrapbookers of any level or ability.

As their tag line mentions, this store is dedicated to providing creative ways to organize, display and preserve your photographs.

archivers scrapbook storeBe sure and click the logo to find an Archiver’s near you!

Tell us about your favorite scrapbook store!