Are Fewer Students Getting Summer Jobs?

I will admit it. I never had a summer job while I was in elementary or high school. I was a cheerleader and I attended practices and camps. However, to say that I had a real job, I never did until college. My husband, on the other hand, has worked probably since about the age of 13.

So are students getting summer jobs like they once did? Research says no. In the past 20 years, people seeking jobs between the ages of 16 and 24 have decreased. Many students are deciding against work and for hanging out and spending leisure time.

Those that do work do so for different reasons. Some students work for money support. They have bills, such as vehicle and insurance, to pay. Others work for extra spending cash. Some work because they have no other choice. Their parents make them get a job.

One reason that some belief fewer younger people have jobs now compared to years before, is no longer the need to work. Students do not have to work now like they once did. More parents are supporting their children. Students are getting vehicles, insurance, spending cash, gas money, and hobbies all paid for by their parents. So why work?

Others feel that the over 10 % decrease in younger students working is due to more students taking summer courses. More schools are offering summer learning for students and students are taking advantage of the offer.

Out of the jobs that were sought by younger people last year, most were in leisure or hobby. These jobs include lifeguard, hotel desk clerks, and fast food restaurant workers. The next common field for student workers was in retail.

In my area, the popular summer jobs for students include grocery store work, babysitting, fast food restaurant work, lawn care, and small jobs such as hauling hay and handy work.

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