Are High Schools Challenging Enough?

In some cases it seems that we are raising a very lazy and unmotivated society of children. Students often seem less interested in applying themselves and pushing themselves to excel and do their best. Children and parents alike are more acceptable in settling for minimum requirements. Fewer parents push their children to go above and beyond the expectations. As a whole most of society lives by the rule, “just do what you have to do to get by”.

Recently, an article was written by Barry Stern Ph.D. Stern gave his thoughts on how today’s high schools are not demanding enough of their students. In his article he also gave a description of how a demanding high school should be set up.

In one of his analogies, Stern compared school to sports. It is all so true to children and parents alike are much more likely to demand perfection, strong will, and determination when it comes to playing sports rather than academics.

I have never thought before how much more coaches push their team to excel and instill discipline among the members. If teachers were to take this same attitude with their students and students were to take the same attitude about school as sports, America would see the academic scores soar.

Stern feels that perhaps the typical high school schedule is partly to blame. He thinks that students should be in smaller groups for longer amounts of time and asked to concentrate more on one area. The smaller groups and lengthened time with the instructor would allow for a closer relationship among the teacher and the students.

He suggest that students operate more on half day tasks (a morning task and an afternoon task) rather than following a bell schedule. The students should be given real life situations to work through.

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