Are Papers a Problem in Your Home?

Do you have too much paper clutter? From junk mail to school papers, newspapers, and bills, it can pile up quickly. Do you have trouble finding important papers? They were right there yesterday, but now that you need them, they are nowhere to be found.

Here are some tips for organizing papers:

1. You may already have a bin for newspapers, but why not set up a bin for standard sheets of paper? All those notes and homework pages that come home from school (aside from the special papers, of course) can be placed in the bin. You can then recycle the papers or you can reuse them first. Let the kids color on the back of used sheets. Cut sheets into smaller pieces to use as scratch paper. Re-use a used sheet of paper when you make your grocery list.

2. Keep another bin or box near the paper shredder for private documents that you need to shred. Make sure papers that require shredding are placed into the box as soon as you are done with them.

3. Keep a wastebasket in every room. Get in the habit of throwing papers away immediately when you do not need them anymore. Teach this habit to other family members. It is good to open mail over the trash can too.

4. To keep the papers you need to keep more organized, there are several different options. From the file cabinet to file boxes or folders, there are several different styles of each from which to choose. Another handy option is keeping current “deal with now” papers handy on your desk or counter top. There are pieces designed for this purpose, but a napkin holder or clipboard will work too. Attach a picture frame easel to the back of a medium sized clipboard to keep must read papers handy.

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