Are Those Idea Books Any Good?

Are the idea books out on the market any good? Will they inspire you? Will you find creative inspiration and create hundreds of layouts when you finally sit down to scrap? I have no idea. And there is not answer to that question. Every book is different and what one scrapbooker loves, another dislikes.

I am here to tell you a few surefire ways to find out if you will like the idea book you are curious about, before you ever put a penny down.

Message Boards

The first thing to do is to search the Internet for a book review of the book you are wondering about. You might also think to ask other scrapbookers what they liked or disliked about the book. Getting opinions is important.

Book Stores or even Local Scrapbook Stores

Hang out and spend a few minutes at either type of store, browsing through the idea book. Check out the table of contents, flip through and examine a few of the layouts, look at the way the articles or techniques are explained. You can get a good feel for what the idea book will be like by simply flipping through the book for 2 minutes.


This is my favorite way! I spend so many hours a week at the library, I think they consider it my second home. I know most of the librarians by name. This is because I am constantly requesting books for them to purchase for the library, and constantly utilizing the inter-library loan program. I do this so I can get my hands on books and even scrapbooking magazines to see if I want them before laying the cold hard cash down. I have actually fallen in love with many idea books just by being able to see them at the library. And of course the same is true for the opposite. I have found out I really did not like an idea book that I thought I was going to positively love, after checking it out. Also, consider saving a little money each month and hang out at the library for a bit. Cancel your subscriptions to your favorite scrap mags and check them out at the library instead. You can also use this to see any mags you don’t subscribe too, and it is all free.

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