Are You a Good PR Person for Marriage?

As I was writing the blog for Christian families the other week, I thought that the same thing can be applied to marriage. Whether we like it or not others are watching the way we relate to each other. We may think people don’t take any notice but if we think that, we’d be wrong. Others and particularly our own children are watching closely to see how marriage works or how it doesn’t.

What do they see? Do they see a marriage that is harmonious where decisions are made together? Do they see a division of chores and labor, so one person is not left to do all the work in the house? Do they see a marriage where each one has the concerns and welfare of their partner at heart? Do they see a marriage where encouragement and praise is paramount?

Or do they see a couple trying to score points off each other with snide comments and sarcasm? When a marriage is filled with bitterness, arguments and lack of cooperation, it has a negative effect on others. Do they see a marriage that is made in heaven or one that looks more like hell on earth?
We reveal so much to others of what our marriage is like through our words and actions. Do your family and neighbors see a couple who enjoy being together, who love nothing better than spending time together and talking to each other? Do they see little shows of affection between you?

Do they see parents who are united in their stance with children and who invariably present a united front? Or do they see children who have worked out how easy it is to play parents against each other in an effort to get their own way?

We can either be a good PR person for marriage or not. It’s up to each of us to decide which we will choose to be.

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