Are You a Jekyll and Hyde?

When I told someone about the musical version of Jekyll and Hyde they scathingly said ‘like you would. How could you make a musical of that!’ They continued to look skeptical, when I assured them it was great and contains some lovely songs. The musical is based on the book ‘TheStrange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The other night I listened to the CD cast recording of Jekyll and Hyde with Anthony Warlow. (One of my favorite singers) We saw a production of this musical last year by the Orange Theatre Company and I was blown away by the music.

It also strikes me as this is a Biblically sound book and play, as the theme is the good and evil that exists within humankind us, something the apostle Paul also dealt with in Romans 7.

Obviously I am not the only one to make this connection for as I was writing this, in another of those God instances, I came across an article that mentioned this book and the connection with Paul’s letter.

Perhaps it depends on whether we are looking for connections or are walking around blind. I’ve found when I’m in tune with God, He teaches me through the bible primarily, but then He reinforces the teaching through a poem, a song, a story or something else I listen to or read which fits in with and apply truths picked up in His Word, or He reinforces through the words of other Christians.

If we’re honest, I think we’d agree there’s a bit of Jekyll and Hyde in each of us. The two natures within us struggle for dominance. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of that old nature and what it wants to urge us to say or do.It all depends on which one has precedence and gets the most attention. ‘Someone once told me, whichever one you feed the most will thrive.’ Are you feeding your human nature or feeding your new nature in Christ?

We have an advantage over the Jekyll and Hyde characters, in that we have the ‘victory through our Lord Jesus Christ’ 1 Corinthian 15:57. That doesn’t mean we can sit back and say, ‘well Jesus has done it all, I don’t have to work at trying to control my nature or becoming godlier.’ We need to cooperate with the Lord and allow His Spirit to work in, to change and mould us.

Bible verses from The New American Standard Version

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