Are You Buying or Selling Your Home? Consider the Benefits of A Home Warranty.

A Home Warranty is an affordable and easy way to help make your home sale listing more attractive to possible home buyers. They offer protection to homeowners before, during and after the sale of the house. Buyers are assured their home investment is covered for mechanical failures of covered components for a full year and most warranty’s are renewable. A Home Warranty provides service coverage for the things the ordinary homeowner insurance policy considers as routine maintenance or ware and tare items.

Homeowners who have home warranty coverage can be sure when there’s a problem with covered home systems or appliances, they can make a toll-free service call or online claim or service request. The home warranty company will usually arrange to have a local service technician schedule a repair appointment. Most Home Warranty policies have a small deductible of between $50.00 and $75.00 per service call.

It’s impossible to predict when home repair expenses might arise. It always seem problems come up the moment we least expect! Homeowners can purchase a home warranty even if they aren’t buying and selling the house at the time. Homeowners can get protection to cover breakdowns of major systems like plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. Added coverage for washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and other items can also be included.

The average repair costs can be:

  • A/C Unit -$1500-$5000
  • Broken Water Pipe -$100-$600
  • Dishwasher -$500-$700
  • Furnace -$1250-$5000
  • Oven/Range – $700-$2200
  • Refrigerator -$600-$1200
  • Washer/Dryer -$200-$550
  • Water Heater -$375-$725

A home warranty annual premium is generally less then the cost one service call might be. With so much that can go wrong, a home warranty can give peace of mind and help avoid financial risk. Home warranties are available in every state however the coverage is subject to various state and local regulations.

We sold our home “by owner” in one day. One of the key reasons for our success was the fact, we offered one year paid Home Warranty to our buyers. The application and transaction process has been simple and easy with the Home Warranty Company I chose to do business with. If you’re interested in obtaining a Home Warranty you can get information and quotes from American Home Shield.

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