Are You Doing the Little Things?

What can we do to improve our lives? To bring ourselves more in tune with the Spirit? We have been asked these questions or similar ones week after week. The answers we give are always the same. You know the seminary answers: read our scriptures; have personal prayer; have family prayer; have family home evening; keep the commandments; pay your tithing; and follow the prophet.

These answers are important. They may seem repetitive. They may seem like the little things that we have been asked to do, but they are the most important ones. Have you taken the opportunity lately to weigh in on how you and your family are doing in these areas? Or are you like the fifteen-year-olds that I teach who seem to have the pat answers down, and they don’t really seem to think beyond the words that they are saying? I was that way at fifteen. I knew the answers, but I didn’t take the questions and apply them to myself.

As we struggle each day, I know that it can be overwhelming. It is easy to become caught up in what we are not doing, and to set aside all the things that we are doing right. As you think about the little things answers pick just one that you or your family could improve on. Then make a goal to improve on it. It can be as simple as reading your scriptures every day or preparing your family home evenings earlier in the week.

As you find that you have improved in that area. Take the time to reevaluate, and choose another area to work on. As you do this a little bit at a time, the little things will become your strength. The little things are important, because they form who we are. They are what show our true characters.