Are You Inspired By Your Space?

Quite honestly, I really haven’t given much thought to my work space until this week. I work on a laptop, so I spend most of my time sitting at the dining table or lounging on the recliner with my computer perched on my lap. I usually end up working in whatever room my children are playing in.

If you read my post from a few weeks ago (Put a Fork in Me…), you know that I decided to leave my direct selling business to pursue a business that was better suited for my family. Since I was changing career paths, I thought it would be appropriate to change my space too.

I posted a picture of my new space (right) and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Quite obviously, it isn’t fancy…but it is me. When my husband saw it, his first response was, “Traci…it looks just like a mini-preschool”. “That’s perfect!” I replied. That’s exactly the look I was hoping for.

I am a big fan of bright colors, and whimsical artwork. I love signing important paperwork with bold markers and scribbling notes to my friends using crayons. I am a great big child at heart.

My new space has framed paintings created by my children, terra cotta pots filled with markers and scissors, and bright cork boards lining the walls. I also have brightly framed photographs of my children (my “whys”) adorning the walls. The moment I walk into the room, I am instantly inspired to write.

If you look closely at the photo, you will see a smaller table standing next to my “desk”. That’s where my kids work. Whenever I decide to write a post while they are awake, I invite them to go into “our” room to work.

“You guys have a lot of work to do today too, don’t you?” I proceed to hand them a stack of “paperwork”. (Usually coloring pages I’ve printed off of the internet). My miniature co-workers and I have a wonderful time chatting and laughing as we create together.

Does your space inspire you? I was fortunate to move into a home where the previous home owners had turned a spare bedroom into a yoga room. “Honey, this is going to be my craft room”, I said to my husband as we were looking at the home for the first time. The homeowner winced as if I had just punched her right in her skinny little stomach.

Even if you don’t have an actually home office, try to create a space that inspires you to work. Consider framing a copy of your first paycheck. Post photographs of your “whys” on your bulletin board. Frame copies of awards you’ve received or article you are especially proud of and place them on your desk, counter top or table.

I’ve learned first hand what a difference it makes to move from boring, brown lazy-boy recliner into an office with bright colors, whimsical artwork and photographs adorning the walls. I almost love my personal space as much as I love my “other” space, the coffee shop – minus the great music and my Thursday afternoon caffeine overdose, of course.

Are you inspired by your space? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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