Are You Relatively Curious About Genealogy?

old funeral card Looking for an interesting genealogy blog to read? I found one called “Relatively Curious About Genealogy”. The title is an amusing example of genealogy humor. Genealogy is the study of your ancestors, your family, your relatives. Genealogists are curious about learning more about their relatives. You could say that all genealogists are “relatively curious” about genealogy. The title of the blog is what first caught my attention.

There are many genealogy related blogs that you can find online. Some are very serious, and are a collection of where to find a genealogy conference, reviews of genealogy software, and the bloggers own thoughts about genealogy related newsworthy items. Others are more of a personal journal, telling the story of one genealogist’s discoveries about his or her family. Many are a mix of the two styles.

Relatively Curious About Genealogy has been awarded the honor of being “the cutest blog on the block” by some group out there. The blogger, a woman from Dallas, Texas, was interviewed by the website, and there is a link on the Relatively Curious blog that will take you where you can read that interview. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. There is even a free toolbar that you can download directly from the blog. It contains all of the blogger’s favorite sites, so you can easily find them. Clearly, this blog has a wealth of resources for genealogists to check out.

This blog contains some really interesting entries about things related to genealogy. I like the style it is written in; it feels very friendly and welcoming. I found blog entries about genealogy groups that are in Second Life, a review of the television series called “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and a photo of a really old funeral card from the blogger’s own family. There is a lot of variety to be found here.

Image by GreeneConnections on Flickr