Are You Rude on the Road?


Admit it; you fume like an atomic plant when stuck behind a slow driver. And what happens when a SUV cuts you off? How do you react?

A recent survey conducted by a major insurance company revealed that the level of courtesy extended from one driver to another on America’s roadways is “poor.”

C’mon, that news can’t really surprise you.

After all, when was the last time you had a pleasant experience driving from point A to point B?

Survey respondents were asked that very question. In addition, they were presented with a list of poor driving behaviors and asked which they experienced the most on a monthly basis. Among the rudest moves on the road included:

*Signaling late or not at all

*Failing to allow other drivers to merge

*Honking out of anger

*Obstructing a vehicle from moving

*Waving an arm or fist in anger

*Making obscene gestures

*Flashing lights

*Yelling out the window

Male respondents were found to have observed more negative behaviors while behind the wheel than their female counterparts. So, what ticks off male drivers the most?

Survey says: Getting cut off by another driver.

Meanwhile, female respondents admitted that the rudest driving behavior they experience on a monthly basis is tailgating. Women clearly don’t like to see another driver hanging on their bumper while they are cruising down the highway.

Interestingly, female drivers also have another pet peeve—other people stealing their parking spaces. Nearly 40 percent of women, who participated in the survey, admitted that their blood pressure spikes when another driver snags the spot they waited patiently for.

This type of behavior is also known as “parking lot rage.” In some cases, the incidents can elevate and result in serious injuries, and even death.

Have you ever encountered road or parking lot rage? What would you do if you were on the receiving end of some other driver’s ire?

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