Are you spending more time on the Internet than with your Spouse?

A modern day problem that wasn’t an issue 20 years ago is the time people spend surfing the net. Today’s couples have new issues to contend with revolving around technology. From Ipods to laptops to Nintendo and other computer games, technology has invaded the home. As a result, some couples are getting fed up.

One big problem is the amount of time a person spends online. From chat rooms and forums to blogs and emailing, the Internet offers a wide variety of distractions even for non-nerd novices. In fact, meeting people online has caused an increase in infidelity among couples worldwide. It’s become too easy to flirt with a total stranger and then fall for them by the simple exchange of words and photos.

So, are you a victim of the Internet? Has it invaded your thoughts, your time, and your life? Do you spend more time on Google than you do with your spouse? If so, it’s time to take control. No sense in letting a non-animate object rule your life and home.

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Allot yourself only a certain amount of time per evening for online activities.

2. Don’t go to sites that tempt you to participate in activities you know you’ll regret later.

3. If you need to email someone, email your spouse. Develop an online relationship with them. This can be romantic and fun.

4. Avoid emailing strangers or spending time online talking about personal business.

5. Don’t hide your online activities from your spouse. Be open and honest about what you’re doing online.

There’s no reason to let a wonderful tool, like the Internet, come between you and your spouse. Keep your priorities straight, remembering that people are more important than objects and real life is more important than virtual life.