Are You Still Dating Your Spouse?

If there’s one thing married couples need more than anything, it’s a sense of continued romance and interest in the marriage experience. Many couples, after years of marriage, begin to take each other for granted, and cease having fun. They rarely go out on a date, and as a result, the marriage seems lifeless and dull. But there’s good news for those who aren’t ready to give up on the most important relationships of their lives. It’s called creative dating.

The great thing about creative dating is that it doesn’t have to cost you any money. Just adding a few new ideas to your weekly or monthly routine can add a spark to your marriage relationship.

Following are just a few ideas to get you started. You’ll want to come up with your own personalized list of creative dating ideas!

1. A picnic under the stars. Gather a basket of your favorite finger foods, a blanket, a portable CD player, and head out to one of your favorite spots where you’ll be away from the city lights and able to see the stars. Play some romantic love songs, steal a kiss, a dance, and just enjoy your time together.
2. A Treasure Hunt. Hide a series of notes and clues about a special event you are planning for your mate. Do this for several days leading up to the event with the final note to be found right before your date. The date can be whatever you choose.
3. A costume party. Plan a special costume party and invite married friends and couples to dress as their favorite historical couples or characters. Plan some a trivia games, create a homemade jeopardy board, and other fun games especially for couples. The Internet is a great source for party game ideas.

Remember that the way to increase romantic charisma in your marriage is to think of romance as a state of mind, more than a point in time. Though we enjoy romantic outings, romantic dates and events can cost little to nothing, if we plan it right. The key is creativity and a sense of adventure. Enjoy your romantic journey ahead!