Are You Worried about Others’ Perceptions?

Are you ever reluctant to follow the counsel of the prophet, because you are worried how others will perceive you? For instance are you reluctant to talk about food storage or to buy large amounts of food all at once because you are worried that people will think that you are strange? Or are you reluctant to explain why you always decline boating invitations on a Sunday? Do you wish that you could relax your modesty standards? Are you afraid to share the gospel with friends because you think it will change your relationship?

These are all instances in which Latter-Day Saints are known to stand out a bit. These are all also commandments that the Lord has given us for our safety and happiness. It is important to realize that the commandments are there to protect us. We should guard against things that will distract us from the spirit. It is important to prepare ourselves through obedience to the physical and spiritual commandments that come from the Lord.

Have you ever thought about how odd that Noah must have seemed to the rest of the world? He warned the people that they needed to repent. He then began to build a huge ark because the Lord commanded him to. The ridicule must have been oppressive. Imagine the consequences he would have faced if he had worried more about what the world thought, than what the Lord thought.

It is important to realize that if we are keeping the commandments then we will be blessed. As we live with love for others and doing the things that we know to be right, we can break down the misconceptions that so many people have about us. They may begin to see the wisdom in what we do. Hopefully others will learn that we are kind and giving people.

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