Arts Festival

Today is my school’s Arts Festival. My school is the only school that I know of that has an Arts Festival. Until I transferred to my current teaching position, I was very unfamiliar with an Arts Festival.

At my school an Arts Festival is a lot what it sounds like, it is a festival of our students’ and others’ art. Each year a theme is chosen for the festival. The hallways are then completely covered in art reflecting the theme.

In addition to displaying the students’ artwork, we reflect the art of others. We invite guests to attend our school and demonstrate their various skills.

The skills displayed are different types of music, arts, crafts, dancing, etc. The skills usually match the theme in some way.

Last year’s theme was ‘Art in the Curriculum’ with a focus on science. We had various science experiments throughout the day and a science fair. We also had a forest ranger with different types of forest animals. There were people who made homemade walking sticks and other wooden items and instruments.

This year’s theme is ‘walking across America’. Each class was asked to represent a state. We will kick off with a performance from the Nashville Ballet and then move into storytelling.

We will then tour tents outside, weather permitting, of the classrooms’ state displays. The students have been working hard on artwork to represent the various states across America.

Our cafeteria represents America in general and is decorated in red, white, and blue artwork.

Many parents are planning to attend today and enjoy a sack lunch with their children.

Our Arts Festival is very fun and unique for the children. It is also a lot of work for the teachers. However at the end of the day, it is all worth the trouble.

Check back tomorrow for details of my day and pictures of the Arts Festival!

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