Ask the Right Questions

There are a lot of discussions, even medical studies, over issues like: how much alcohol can a woman consume during pregnancy? How many cups of coffee? How many hot dogs? In the process of trying to draw the line between what is okay and what is not when it comes to baby’s health, researchers and moms alike are missing the point. They are asking the wrong questions. The question should never be, what can I get away with? Instead, it should be, what can I do to improve my health and my baby’s health? Stop comparing 1 drink of wine to 2. Instead, compare 1 drink of wine with 1 glass of water. Now which one would you pick? Similarly, instead of worrying about how much coffee is safe, pick up a glass of milk instead. When the answers are gray, go for the black and white alternatives. Health doesn’t have to be that complicated. Nine months out of your life really isn’t that long to practice a little self denial for the sake of your baby’s health.

The same strategies that work for people who are trying to lose weight work for pregnant woman. The key to eating healthier is to focus on what you can eat, what you want to eat, instead of what you shouldn’t and cannot eat. If you think about what you cannot have, the thought of having it will begin to consume you and you will start to feel resentful. On the other hand, if you focus on what you can have, it will begin to sound more and more appealing. Pretty soon you will forget all about the foods you have left behind in favor of your new, healthier lifestyle.

Remember, junk food is convenient, so half the battle of eating right is making healthier foods just as easy to eat. For more tips on making healthy foods convenient, go here.

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