At Home Laser Treatment For Wrinkles Approved By FDA

Many women, myself included, would like to look as youthful as we can for as long as we can. Although we can’t do anything about gravity, by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and taking advantage of the latest anti-aging products, we don’t have to look old before our time.

I have no desire to look 20 nor act 20, but I do want to feel confident in the fact that I’m doing what I can to hold back the hands of time. My kids think I’m a bit OCD when it comes to wrinkles, but I grew up in the 70’s when every adult around me smoked and drank—a lot. That was what they did back then, but that lifestyle took its toll on their skin. I have pictures of my grandmother and mother when they were each 35, and even at nearly 45 I still look younger.

As a society, are we obsessed with youth? I tend to believe we are. It’s this great race to go back in time and reverse aging. Someone who’s young is considered fun, more approachable, and more attractive. They have an aura of life around them that many people seem to lose as they age. Younger people seem to smile a lot more, which give our features an instant face lift.

While I believe that youthfulness should come from the inside then it will show up on the outside, many people will spend a great deal of money on expensive creams, botox procedures, and laser treatments. These last two procedures are done at health spas, by a dermatologist, or other trained medical professionals.

The other day I was reading some articles online and saw that the FDA has approved the marketing of the first home-use laser device for removing wrinkles around the eyes.

No prescription required! The new device was developed by Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. and will be marketed through retail channels by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies. Inc. Right now the product itself is being kept secret until the unveiling, which I couldn’t find a date for release on.

Nevertheless, anti-aging is a multi-billion dollar industry and this at-home laser treatment may be one of the biggest things to come along in the wrinkle fighting category. It’s purported to smooth and eventually erase eye wrinkles, though it won’t lift the eyelids. This must be done by a cosmetic surgeon.