Attaching Ribbon to Scrapbook Layouts

In an earlier blog I shared ideas about different ways to incorporate ribbon into scrapbook layouts. Now I am going to some different options for attaching ribbon to your layout.

There are several ways that ribbon can be attached to a layout.

1. Generally when I want to attach a strip of ribbon to a page, I like to run it through my Xryon machine. This applies a thin layer of very sticky adhesive to the back of the entire piece of ribbon. The ribbon can be peeled from the paper backing and then placed down on the page. This is permanent and so it needs to be placed carefully onto the page since pulling it up to reposition it will be difficult (if not impossible.)
2. Glue dots are a permanent way to attach ribbon. I prefer using mini glue dots when attaching ribbon because they are less likely to show though the ribbon. Glue dots are also available in one inch lines and continuous lines that can be cut to you desired length. Remember to cut the ribbon slightly longer that the surface that you are covering so that the ends of the ribbon can wrap around to the back of the page. Attach with a glue dot on the back.
3. You can staple ribbon to the page.
4. Brads can poke right through the ribbon and the paper to secure ribbon to the page. You may want to also use a glue dot to hold the ribbon in the exact desired location.

Wet adhesives (such as glue) are not recommended for attaching ribbon. They tend to seep through the ribbon and can cause discoloration. Hermafix tabs are also not recommended as they do not stick well to the ribbon and will not hold it in place.

Use your imagination and I am sure that you will be able to come up with many more creative ways to attach ribbon to your pages.