Attention to Detail


What makes an ordinary layout extraordinary?

For me, it’s all about the details.

For example, a page design detailing a trip to the petting zoo is fine with photos of your kids interacting with bunnies, goats and chicks, plus a few stickers or die cuts depicting the same animals. However, if you really want to make your layouts pop, consider adding some fun details. For example, you could create a page border with stamped tracks. If you can’t find stamps or sticker tracks of the animals you saw at the zoo, then print your own from the Internet or draw some with an acid-free pen. Another nifty detail you can add to a zoo-themed layout is transforming your page into a cage. To craft the visually interesting element, use a rotary cutter to remove sections from a piece of silver scrapbook paper, and then place the bars over your photo arrangement. If you don’t have a special cutter, simply use a sharp pair of scissors to cut bar-shaped pieces from a sheet of aluminum foil and place them behind a frame with pictures of your zoo trip inside.

Conversation or thought bubbles are other easy elements that you can add to your layout to give it a polished look. These simple details are great ways to share thoughts or funny remarks without taking up a ton of space on a page. If you want to add even more detail to the layout highlight the words in the bubbles with bright borders, some flocking powder, or glitter.

For traditional 12×12 scrapbook pages with more than the usual half-dozen 4×6 images, consider converting the photos to black and white, save for one that you print in color. This technique draws attention to the color photo and allows viewers to recognize details that would otherwise be overlooked if all the pictures on the page were monochromatic.

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