August Scrapbooking Month in Review

I cannot believe it is already September. Our children are back to school, today is Labor day and fall is officially on its way. The year is simply flying by and before we know it we are going to be sipping apple cider and watching the leaves change colors. In the Midwest we are already experiencing unseasonably cool weather. Here is what happened in the scrapbooking blog in the month of August. See if you missed anything.

How to Get Your Scrap Space More Organized

There is nothing more inspiring than sitting down to scrapbook in an organized space. However, for most there isn’t much organization or storage that is working.

Involve Your Children in Scrapbooking

With scrapbooking as perhaps one of my top three most favorite things to do, it is only natural that I wish to share that hobby with my friends and family.

Fabulous School Products for Scrapbooking

It is back to school time, and with that comes the planning of school photographs, school albums and school layouts. Are you ready? You can be ready by taking a look at these fantastic products that will help you create gorgeous layouts.

Stock Your Scrapbook Room For Less Now

There is nothing better than getting inspired by stuff you find around your scrapbook room. And now is a great time to stock up on some great supplies to fill your scrapbook room. Why? It’s back to school time of course.

Planning School Layouts in Advance

If you are like the majority of us, school is either already in session in your neck of the woods, or it is just about to start. In any case, you might find yourself with more time to scrapbook, and if this is the case, school layouts might be a top priority.

Displaying Your Scrapbook Albums

It is always interesting to me to hear the different ways that scrapbookers organize and display their scrapbooking albums. There are so many different outlooks on the way that they should be displayed, and many different ways that scrapbookers do display their albums.

Scrapbooking for Others: Creating a Sample Album or Binder

Once you begin scrapbooking for others or getting paid to scrapbook, you might wish to put together a sample album or binder. This is quite a bit different from the Scrapbook Portfolio, and should actually be kept separate.

Scrapbooking for Others: Building a Scrapbook Portfolio

Scrapbooking for others is a great way to make some extra money doing something you love. It is important to remember to have fun while you are doing it, or you will quickly burn out. It is also important to remember to build your scrapbook portfolio with samples and testimonials from others.

Scrapbooking for Others: Pricing Albums and Layouts

Not everyone is as obsessed with scrapbooking as some of us are. With that being said, it is important to remember that it might not be because they don’t want to be, or they don’t want nice albums to look at and share with their families. For whatever reason, not all people are into our hobby.

Tips for Creating Albums for Others

There aren’t too many people in this world that don’t adore photographs and memories. Many people wish they could scrapbook, but are left without the time, resources or creativity.

Taking the First Day of School Picture

It is a yearly tradition at our home, and has been since my children were starting Kindergarten. I’m referring to the first day of school picture. Many families plan this photo opportunity every single year on the first day of school.

Looking for Embellishments

Most scrapbookers feel that no scrapbooking layout is complete without a few embellishments. Whatever those embellishments happen to be is a personal choice, and one to be made as the page is either coming together or planned for.

Hang out with us in September for more great Back to School ideas, getting ready for fall and other terrific tips and techniques!