Author Interview — Anderson, Littke and Morris: Part Two

I’m very pleased to bring you part two of our exclusive interview with LDS authors Nancy Anderson, Lael J. Littke and Carroll H. Morris. If you missed yesterday, click here to catch up.

I haven’t yet had the privilege of reading your series, although it’s on my wish list. Can you tell me, and our readers, about it?

Lael:Almost Sisters” is the first book of the series. In it, three very different women — Juneau from Pasadena, CA, Willadene from Wellsville, UT, and Erin from Minneapolis, MN — meet at BYU Education Week in 1980—

Nancy: That might sound familiar, but no!, We aren’t writing about ourselves!

Lael: The three are all billeted at the home of Gabby Farnsworth. Each woman arrives with problems which they hope to find answers for during the week. Through a shared “guilty secret,” they develop an unexpected friendship. They also have a deep admiration for Gabby, self-proclaimed Crusty Old Broad — or COB. Impressed by the way Gabby handles her own problems, the women set a goal to become COBs themselves. They make a pact to meet after 25 years (in 2005) to see how well they’ve done.

Carroll: Their friendship deepens as they correspond with one another. They also vacation together at various times, bringing new issues as well as insights to share. Each time they get together, they leave with some bit of wisdom to help them on their quest to become COBs.

Nancy: The second book of the series is “Three Tickets to Peoria.” The name comes from something Juneau says about packing for Hawaii and ending up in Peoria. As Erin, Juneau, and Willadene (Deenie) go about bringing up their families and trying to build good marriages, they all run into issues they never expected to face. Deenie faces severe health problems. Juneau tries to influence a wayward daughter. Erin finds that the three of them are not the only ones who keep secrets.

What can we expect from the three of you in the future?

Lael: Right now, we’re not looking much beyond meeting our deadline for the third book, “Surprise Packages!”

Nancy: That’s true, but certain characters are already letting us know that they have more to say! We have an idea for another book about the COBs. We’re thinking of it as a stand-alone rather than a part of the series.

Are you still working on projects individually?

Lael: Yes, by all means. I have a book partially finished that I’ll send to my New York editor so she won’t forget who I am! During the time we’ve been working on the trilogy I’ve sold over a dozen children’s stories to the Los Angeles Times.

Nancy: I’m working on a children’s book.

Carroll: I’ve got several partial manuscripts that are calling my name. I’m not sure which one I’ll dust off!

Thank you so much for this inside look, ladies. Now I’m more excited than ever to read these books. Be sure to check out their website to learn more.

Almost Sisters is Nancy’s first published work, although I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future. Here are a few of the titles Lael and Carroll have produced:

Lael —

Searching for Selene, Deseret (2003)

Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith, Deseret (2003), with co-author Richard J. Turley

Space Slug, Dominie Press (2003), later bought by Pearson

Lake of Secrets, Henry Holt, (2002)

The Bridemaid’s Dress Disaster, Deseret (1994)

The Watcher,Scholastic (1994)

This is just a small sampling – Lael has published over forty books.

Caroll —

If the Gospel Is True, Why Do I Hurt So Much? 1991

The Merry-Go-Round, 1988

Saddle Shoe Blues, 1987

The Bonsai, 1986

The Broken Covenant, Deseret Book, 1984


A Suzuki Parent’s Diary, or How I Survived my First 10,000 Twinkles Alfred Publishing (1984, re-released 2005)

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