Author Interview: Trina Boice

We are joined today by LDS author Trina Boice, author of numerous nonfiction books to help Latter-day Saints navigate their way through such things as Enrichment Night, Activity Days, and more.

Trina, thanks for joining us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in beautiful Carlsbad, CA where I can see the gorgeous ocean every day from my window! I have four handsome, intelligent, wonderful sons and a great husband to match. We have a Papillon puppy who is adorable and a cockatiel who keeps popping out eggs even though she’s never been on a date with a male. We also have two water turtles that live in the pond in our backyard, named Agapito and Bob. I brought one of them back with me from Spain where I served an LDS mission, but that’s another story!

You’re the author of several nonfiction titles. I notice you’re written one about family history. Will you tell us a little more about that?

Yes! I wrote “Climbing Family Trees, Whispers In The Leaves” with my twin sister, Tracey Long. It was published by Spring Creek Books in 2005. We speak often at genealogy conferences and love to talk about doing family history to anyone who will listen! She and I got bit by the genealogy bug when we were in college. Tracey even got locked inside the genealogy library one night because she was so engrossed in research that she didn’t hear them announce that the library was closing in ten minutes. She was entranced in a book she had discovered and it was almost an hour later when a security guard found her sitting in a dark cubicle with her nose still in the book. Genealogy can be very addicting! It’s actually the number one hobby in America (although the Super Bowl sure gets a lot more press than family history!) Our book has some great “how to” information with lots of helpful resources, research strategy ideas, creative ways to get kids interested in their family history, tons of ideas to honor your heritage and celebrate your legacy, as well as true stories of people who have started working on their family’s history and discovered much more than names and dates. The “Whispers In The Leaves” part of the title refers to inspiring stories of people who have felt the presence of their ancestors and received help with their genealogy in serendipitous ways. Some of the true stories will give you goosebumps, but in a good way! You’ll feel the reassurance that your loved ones who have died are not that far away and that family bonds are strong enough to part the veil between heaven and earth.

That sounds great, Trina, and what a wonderful thing to be obsessed with.

We’ll continue our conversation with Trina Boice tomorrow. In the meantime, click on these links to learn more about her:

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